Help system

There are several ways to call help:

  • click a button ? to the right of the dialog box title, then the unknown element;
  • right–click on an unknown element, then left-click on the item What is it? in the context menu;
  • click on an unknown element with the mouse, then press F1;
  • select Help (?) in the menu bar, then Call Help;
  • Click the Start button, then click Help

In the last two cases, the help system window should appear (Fig.27).

The Contents insert is used to search by sections. Help sections have icons and contain items and other sections. The section opens by double-clicking on its icon. The help item has an icon . If you click on it with the mouse, the help text for this item will appear in the right part of the window.

To search by subject index, it is necessary to enter the letters of the word of interest in the Index insert until it appears in the list field located below. To display help for the selected item, click the Show button or double-click the list item. You can also search for terms by looking through the list.