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Creating folders

To create a new folder:

Open (make current) the folder in which you want to create a new folder (the folder name should be displayed in the header of the Explorer window).
None of the objects contained in the folder should be highlighted.
You can create a folder in one of the following ways:

Open the Task List for files and folders and click on the Create a New Folder task.

Select the Create Folder command from the File menu.
Right-click on any object-free location of […]

Mikrotik is another OS for Linux–based routers

Any thing should be functional and reliable. This applies both to the ballpoint pen and to large and complex systems in which more than a dozen different components are involved and where the work of the rest depends on the work of one. In most cases, failures are observed in such complex systems, despite the fact that they are built on well-established structural units. Examples opposite to this are quite rare, but the very fact of their presence pleases.

And now […]