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Help system

There are several ways to call help:

click a button ? to the right of the dialog box title, then the unknown element;
right–click on an unknown element, then left-click on the item What is it? in the context menu;
click on an unknown element with the mouse, then press F1;
select Help (?) in the menu bar, then Call Help;
Click the Start button, then click Help

In the last two cases, the help system window should appear (Fig.27).

The Contents insert is used to search […]

NET-CLASS — Free knowledge network

The idea of the NET-CLASS project is to organize a public free learning system based on the exchange of benefits from the joint creation, accumulation and use of learning resources. NET-CLASS is a form of organization of data and programs in the Internet space. This is not an educational institution, but an electronic textbook for use in the learning process. The educational material is created by the authors and students, the teaching is managed by teachers, the development of the […]