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Working with the mouse

Most of the actions performed by the mouse in Windows XP or in application programs are carried out in two stages:

Position the mouse cursor on the object you are interested in.
Do one of the following:

Click – without moving the mouse, press and release the mouse button (usually the left one).
Double–click – without moving the mouse, quickly double-click and release the left mouse button.
Broach – press the left mouse button, move the object to a new position and release the mouse […]

Free software for Windows OS

Free software for Windows exists. Here is a list of the best applications from the world of free software that run on the Windows operating system. All of these programs successfully replace their commercial counterparts and are performed at a high professional level.

If you want to improve the situation with the license purity of the software installed at your enterprise, without investing a penny in licenses; or you are tired of depending on the “bumps” of proprietary software suppliers, then […]