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NET-CLASS — Free knowledge network

The idea of the NET-CLASS project is to organize a public free learning system based on the exchange of benefits from the joint creation, accumulation and use of learning resources. NET-CLASS is a form of organization of data and programs in the Internet space. This is not an educational institution, but an electronic textbook for use in the learning process. The educational material is created by the authors and students, the teaching is managed by teachers, the development of the […]

Mikrotik is another OS for Linux–based routers

Any thing should be functional and reliable. This applies both to the ballpoint pen and to large and complex systems in which more than a dozen different components are involved and where the work of the rest depends on the work of one. In most cases, failures are observed in such complex systems, despite the fact that they are built on well-established structural units. Examples opposite to this are quite rare, but the very fact of their presence pleases.

And now […]


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At a certain point in time, every system administrator (well, or most of them) has a question: “What would it be to come up with to do nothing, and it worked by itself?” Such a question arose for me during the application of the jack to a completely collapsed server. I wouldn’t be me if I was puzzled by this question exclusively myself, without puzzling anyone around. And one day it was […]