Working with the mouse

Most of the actions performed by the mouse in Windows XP or in application programs are carried out in two stages:

Position the mouse cursor on the object you are interested in.
Do one of the following:

Click – without moving the mouse, press and release the mouse button (usually the left one).
Double–click – without moving the mouse, quickly double-click and release the left mouse button.
Broach – press the left mouse button, move the object to a new position and release the mouse […]

Rules for typing and editing text

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Typing is carried out using alphanumeric keys on the keyboard.

A number of text input actions are performed by pressing several keys simultaneously. For example, to enter a capital (uppercase) letter, you need to use the SHIFT key and the desired letter key.

Sequence of actions when pressing a key combination:

Press the special key.
Quickly press and release the second key.
Release the special key.

Rules to consider when typing:

The SPACE bar is used to separate words and only for this.
The transition to a […]

Help system

There are several ways to call help:

click a button ? to the right of the dialog box title, then the unknown element;
right–click on an unknown element, then left-click on the item What is it? in the context menu;
click on an unknown element with the mouse, then press F1;
select Help (?) in the menu bar, then Call Help;
Click the Start button, then click Help

In the last two cases, the help system window should appear (Fig.27).

The Contents insert is used to search […]

Creating folders

To create a new folder:

Open (make current) the folder in which you want to create a new folder (the folder name should be displayed in the header of the Explorer window).
None of the objects contained in the folder should be highlighted.
You can create a folder in one of the following ways:

Open the Task List for files and folders and click on the Create a New Folder task.

Select the Create Folder command from the File menu.
Right-click on any object-free location of […]

Windows XP Explorer

To start the Explorer, select the Windows main menu command of the program ► Standard ► Explorer. After launching the program, its window will appear on the desktop, the appearance of which may vary significantly depending on the program settings. These differences are mainly related to the appearance of the viewport of the contents of the selected folder.

At the top of the program window, as in all other programs, there is a header. The name in the header is the […]

Apache 2.2.0: use or wait?

Apache 2.2.0 is the main version of the Apache server and contains many important changes. Many of these changes are improvements to existing modules. Several new modules have also been added and some improvements have been made to the server architecture. In this article we will talk about the most important changes, and also think about whether to upgrade to the new version or wait.

The new version 2.2.0 is not only an updated version of the existing tree. A lot […]

Free software for Windows OS

Free software for Windows exists. Here is a list of the best applications from the world of free software that run on the Windows operating system. All of these programs successfully replace their commercial counterparts and are performed at a high professional level.

If you want to improve the situation with the license purity of the software installed at your enterprise, without investing a penny in licenses; or you are tired of depending on the “bumps” of proprietary software suppliers, then […]

NET-CLASS — Free knowledge network

The idea of the NET-CLASS project is to organize a public free learning system based on the exchange of benefits from the joint creation, accumulation and use of learning resources. NET-CLASS is a form of organization of data and programs in the Internet space. This is not an educational institution, but an electronic textbook for use in the learning process. The educational material is created by the authors and students, the teaching is managed by teachers, the development of the […]

Mikrotik is another OS for Linux–based routers

Any thing should be functional and reliable. This applies both to the ballpoint pen and to large and complex systems in which more than a dozen different components are involved and where the work of the rest depends on the work of one. In most cases, failures are observed in such complex systems, despite the fact that they are built on well-established structural units. Examples opposite to this are quite rare, but the very fact of their presence pleases.

And now […]


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At a certain point in time, every system administrator (well, or most of them) has a question: “What would it be to come up with to do nothing, and it worked by itself?” Such a question arose for me during the application of the jack to a completely collapsed server. I wouldn’t be me if I was puzzled by this question exclusively myself, without puzzling anyone around. And one day it was […]